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Our professional flooring and Wall installation contractors are highly qualified individuals with many years of experience. We offer a nice selection of top quality hardwoods, tiles, vinyl, and other popular materials. Our installers will come by and show you flooring samples right in your home. This is free of charge and without any obligation. We offer on the spot financing for those who qualify!
P & G  Installation services

Planning on needing a flooring contractor for your home, or are you looking for a carpet installation professional? Hardwood, laminate, and Tile flooring are the most common types of flooring that are being installed in commercial and home properties today. Tile, linoleum, marble and granite are also increasingly popular.

We’ll create a luxury bathroom design based on your vision Whether your goal is luxury bathroom design or small bathroom remodeling,
you want your bathroom to give you comfort and contemporary style.
But there are so many choices.

Elegant granite or marble countertops.
Beautiful vanities and cabinets.
Single or double bathroom sinks.
Ceramic wall tiling and laminate flooring.
Whirlpool tub or soft bathtub.

Our design professionals in bathroom remodeling, will work with you closely so that your bathroom reflects your taste and sets just the right tone.
Altu professionals offer you extensive product knowledge and exciting ideas. They specialize in bathroom renovations.
They’ll explore your preferences and discuss design trends. The goal is to maximize and beautify your bathroom’s space.

Kitchen Design custom Made

From luxury bathroom design to small bathroom remodeling, we’ll show you the best options to make it happen.
If you’d like to explore the latest in bathroom design trends, we’ll show you the full range of innovative styles we offer.
Interested in small bathroom remodeling.

Our Kitchen are Elegant and custom Made with granite or marble countertops.
Beautiful  Kitchen cabinets.
Single or double  sinks. Ceramic wall tiling and laminate flooring.
Whirlpool tub or soft bathtub.

Proudly serving the 5 Boroughts